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The paradise islands

Known as the Spice Isle, Zanzibar is in fact the collective name for the group of islands of which Unguja and Pemba are the largest. Unguja is more commonly referred to as Zanzibar. Apart from the two main islands there is also Mafia Island, a much smaller island and much less travelled than Pemba & Zanzibar.

Culture, food, white cotton beaches, sunsets endless shades of turquoise and azure waters, music, art, rich history and so much more.

The islands of Zanzibar are a perfect ending to your safari adventure.



When is the best time to visit?

There is really no really bad time to go to the Zanzibar islands. A common saying is that the weather is “the sun always shines in Zanzibar”. Zanzibar’s weather pattern follows that of Tanzania very closely – although always tends to be a little more humid. Generally the ‘long rains’, last during March, April and May. Afternoon tropical downpours are the common – which can be heavy on any of the islands. The humidity is high and daily temperatures reach the low-mid 30°s. The long dry season when rain is very unusual, lasts throughout June, July, August, September and October. Temperatures vary hugely but it’s usually a fine, clear sky and sunny weather – it’s a great time to visit Zanzibar or any of the islands.
During November and December there’s the ‘short rains’. These are much lighter than the main rains and less reliable.
If it has rained during the short rains, then it normally dries up for a few months, January and February, which is Tanzania’s ‘short dry season’, before starting to rain again in March.

What is there to do?

The islands of Zanzibar have different things to offer their visitors although the uneblievably soft sand beaches, the turquoise waters and the warming sun are usually what people come to see… and feel. But if you are interested in a bit more exploring you will not be disappointed.

The historical Stone Town in the heart of Zanzibar town was built in the 19th century and remains largely unchanged. Daily markets bursting of people and spices, fish and exotic fruits, shopping, art, music, museums and lots of tasty food is what you can occupy yourself with. We find that two nights here is perfect. Are you on the other hand more in to diving/scuba diving (even if the main island also has nice locations for diving), tranquility and more private locations, Pemba and Mafia Island are the places for you.


How about accomodation?

The main island is the most visited so there is no lack of accomodation there. In recent years, + 4* accomodation has increased; hotels and resorts in this category vary between the classic all inclusive and beachfront rooms and bungalows to rooms with private plunge pools, exclusive villas and 24 hr butler service.
But there are plenty of great options for the travelers with a lower budget too; romantic beach bungalows with traditional Zanzibar interior, smaller boutique hotels and many more.On the island of Pemba your choices are a bit less; being less visited than the main island, Pemba and (specially) Mafia have fewer hotels. However, you can still find accomodation suiting most budgets.

Mentioning a few favourite accomodation on the islands would be an impossible task (we have too many favourites) but whatever your demands and wishes are, Lemasani Safari will help you with finding the perfect choice for you.

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Let your breath be taken away by these stunning captures of the amazing islands.