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[su_quote]There is the richness of Africa, and there is the richness of Deo. Africa, a torn and still coveted continent, is an initiation to life and death…A journey with Deo is an initiation to nature and Africa… Over and above the natural spaces, the fauna and flora, Tanzania opens like a book, whose pages are written in savannas, rivers and forests, and of which Deo is the master of reading. Learning to sea, to listen, to discover and the word safari takes on its full meaning which is “journey” in Swahili… There is so much to tell about the dry season when water becomes a question, and about the rainy season when water is not the answer… I think Deo can narrate the elephants for hours of our time… and about lions, cheetahs, blue wildebeests, giraffes, lappet-faced vultures and the little red-billed hornbills, I do not know ?… There are 287 species of terrestrial mammals and 1103 species of birds observable in Tanzania… And there are the eyes of Deo, which make you sense and look through tall grass and trees, and beyond into the infinite skies from dawn to nightfall, a look at the humble and great African wilderness. I remind a story about a blazing return trip in Selous… I was looking right at a herd of impalas, their elegant shapes stood out in the sunset light… But the impalas were not paying attention to us… There Deo stopped and said, “Look to the left !” : a bushpig with its white, bright mane popped out of the shrubs. The unseen had become visible in a glance. I believe Deo is whole there, in this little initiatory tale… There is a lesson, an animal humanism : we must learn to sense through the eyes of others. A safari with Deo is an initiation to the Africa of men, a safari with Deo is an initiation to life. Karibu ! [/su_quote]