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Abdundance of wildlife to be discovered

Mikumi National Park borders the very famous Selous Game Reserve and because of this it tends to be less visited due to most tourists here visit the much larger Selous instead. From the huge ecosystem of Selous, game population migrates over the border which means you can view an abdundance of wildlife on Mikumi’s grassy floodplains of the Mkata River.

Mikumi National Park is in central Tanzania, Mikumi is the closest park to Dar es Salaam, 250km away and a 4 hour drive along a surfaced road which makes this park perfect for weekend getaways if you are in Dar.




When is the best time to visit?

Game driving in Mikumi National Park is good throughout the year, but like the other southern parks Ruaha and Selous Game Reserve, the best time to visit is during the dry season from June to October when animals gather at the water holes and the vegetation is at its thinnest and grasses short.

What is there to do?

Day time game drive is the main activity in the park although night game drives are also available. Get a chance of seeing the nocturnal honey badger and spotted hyenas; both vociferous at night, so you have a good chance of encountering them.

Guided walking safaris are available, accompanied by a guide and an armed ranger.

Also flying safaris are availbale should you want to see the wilderness from above.


How about accomodation?

In the park itself, there are two excellent mid-range lodges, Mikumi Safari Lodge and Mikumi Wildlife Camp These all seem to cater for expats and not tourists, so are well-priced. If wondering which type of accommodation to choose, you might like the experience of hearing animals walking around and beneath the elevated tents of a tented camp.

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